CBS : 3D, The Initial Milestone

What’s Happening?

As of today, CBS (Casual Babysitters) 3D is receiving a core update. While it’s been kept under the radar, the game is now taking a turn for the better; with the new recent content and the updated preview version (which used to be 0.1, it’s now 1.3.5b), everything is working condition and all input issues should be fixed too. There are other changes like better comical style, interface updates, improved game and physics mechanics and the secret shop, which does improve and change the gameplay to a larger mess on higher stage levels. There has been quite a bit of improvement to the game code too.

What Was Wrong With It in the First Place?

 Basically, there was a vast amount of technical difficulties in both transferring data, processing and designing gameplay elements and merging them with code. Due to the nature of the content, it took much more effort than normal to investigate, decide and take action. Among all this the product turned out to be faulty and had important mishaps along with although minor mistakes on important points of gameplay which turned the game into an unplayable state. For similiar reasons the game was and still is local save only and is missing some important elements like achievement system and secondary ui elements. (Although don’t worry you get to keep your paid data).

Planned Features

  • Manual Drive secret unlock
  • The Ticket Booth panel: This panel will include further cosmetic rewards, upgrades and tokens planned for later games. Which you will be receiving these exclusively for playing CBS 3D.
  • Stage count updates, more stages, more cargo to drag along
  • Boss stages, yes, there will be bosses to clash with
  • VÄ°sual updates to parallax background
  • The babysitter and the baby skins: some purchasable with in game creds too

What’s More To Come

In the following months, there will be updates to the technical aspects of the game such as cloud saves, better statistic calculations and smoother gameplay, along with additions to the game mechanics, new unlocks, more cosmetics, achievements, further game features and story relevant new content that’ll both prepare for further content and the games to follow.

 Later this year, there will be a planned (and not at all messed up like last time) demo release of the previous “Threshold: the Beginning” rework, which is going through a lot of changes, which will have drastic changes like following a different genre of adventure and some major plots in the story. Although most of this will be kept hidden for some time due to intensity and indecisive nature of the work, there will be more updates on this; and probably a new website, covering most of the outline of features and information on the new content.

As always, please enjoy the game, and we’re waiting for your support and comments.

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