CBS: Desolation Change Notes

Change Notes

Patch 1.2: Diseases! Change Notes [Steam]

  • Settlers can get diseased, and cured for moderate amount of resources
  • Sometimes within the settlement and sometimes a settler returning from an expedition can get one of the 4 fatal diseases: wither, dust poisoning, common cold and clay skin.
  • Diseased units will have their benefits reduced as well as movement and combat finesse.
  • Unit portraits are now displayed on detail panels.
  • New settlement outskirts improvements
  • New tower improvements
  • Equipped items can now be removed through the population panel.
  • Mare Anomalies are added to mystical invaders.

Patch 1.1 Invasions! Change Notes [Steam]

  •  Fresh new achievements!
  • Full multilanguage support, now all allowed locales will have fully translated display. (English and Turkish are the possible selections for the time being.)
  • Hostile AI has acquired more fixes, and now has better prioritation against all settlement units.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs where hostile units would skip actions such as attacking, animating or death.
  • Better world settlement action vocalization (broadcasting events, renowned mods)
  • Settlers now regenerate hitpoints daily instead of during activity time.
  • Fallen structures will downgrade to last upgrade. Base tier structures will not downgrade.
  • New settlement expedition upgrades
  • Tower improvements
  • Invasions! After the first week every 4 days now there is a chance to get invaded by hostile packs of various world threats. Existing threat types are Wild, Raider, Madness Driven, Clown, Mystical and Unknown.
  • Simulated threats during encounters have their stats slightly increased, this will cause harsher odds on most encounters in late game.
  • Tooltips now also display equipment stats along with the rest of the information.
  • Several new equipment items added to the game.
  • Player settlements have more cosmetic additions.
  • The earth has gone haywire, floating rocks, debree and sandstorm is taking over the surrounding area.
  • Multiplayer support will be added for steam builds in short time in a minor patch, all skirmish modes will be allowed for multiplayer games for up to 4 players. This time will depend on performed tests, and should take a few weeks at most.

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