CBS: Desolation Characters


The Babysitter

As many survivors of the disasters know, the babysitter is kind of a hero across the city and the surrounding zones, and a teenage icon in some circles too. He’s been playing a big role in defense of the crazed madness driven roaming the streets as well as the mystical creatures that seem to invade the population.


Madga was just an innocent teenage girl when she found Waett, being rescued and tutored by him has been working it’s magic over the few years they have been working together. After Waett’s few troublesome ventures Madga took her place among the ranks of the broken in search for greater power in order to survive.


Edge among other madness driven was one of the few who were able to resist the temptations of the disease. Although Edge’s exotic and high-tempered nature she’s trustworthy as Gemme’s been entrusting her with some of the local labor in order to subdue more crazed and lost madness driven to his cause, in order to keep them at bay when it comes to hurting innocents.

Waett Hohn

Waett’s one lost gun, cursed at a young age, now roaming the earth trying to find a cure to his immortal prison called his life, he can also travel through reflections of rays, applying force and causing mayhem along the way as well as things starting to seem to go south whenever he’s around. As he’s turned into a novice in the ancient arts in search for such material he’s been hunting ancient catacombs, libraries and quite sacred grounds hunting relics to find out about the spell that gave him his powers.

Gemme Vane

Gemme, a stoic, naturally calm teenager, infected by the cruel disease, has been haunted by the mysical being, twisted black ever since. As the babysitter has asked him to help overcome his problems and help the innocent in defense of the forecoming disasters he’s been trying to keep it together and convert loose, crazed madness driven back to their senses. Gemme has been playing a big role in defense of the city and has increased senses, strength and cellulatr regeneration in relation to other madness driven along with occasional mental craze episodes he’s been having.