CBS: Desolation Game Features


Build Structures

Build select structures for your short-time settlement, in order to survive. Each settlement has 7 zones to build upon.

Settlement Zones

  • Gathering Spot
  • Well
  • Storage Area
  • Housing
  • Relations
  • Tower
  • Fortifications

Perform Expeditions

In order to build, you will need several resources across the area, salvage, food and water. These are obtained mainly through world expeditions or alternatively through pocket farming.

Available Expeditions

  • Scouting
  • Supply Run
  • Relic Hunt
  • Diplomacy
  • Raid

Enhance and Train your Settlers

Train your settlers by performing expeditions to nearing zones and enhance them with the help of joint paragons. All settlers have a chance to grow per successful expeditions.

Madness Driven

Madness driven have greatly increased physical capabilities, especially during fights.


Broken use magic to imbue their own behaviour, they will do very well during expeditions and have enough power left to perform in fights.


While militia units have regular capabilities they have the ability to perform proper expeditions, train expeditive stats better and still be viable builders.


As survivors are poor combatants they excel in improving and strengthening their stats. Survivor units will be better builders and faster learners by nature.

Grow Your Settlement

Grow your settlement to defend and get in relations with other world settlements. You will need to track renowned data for world settlements and upgrade your emissary buildings for further actions.

Equip Your Settlers

Use relics and artifacts you gather from expeditions to equip your settlers further to help fortify and strengthen your forces. You will find consumable or equipment items more frequently during relic runs, and sometimes raids too.


Every 4 days after the first week, your settlement has a chance to get invaded by world threats. These hostile packs will vary from wild creatures to raiders or loose madness driven.