CBS: Escape From The Mall 3D

The delicious awesomeness that is pure tastiness which you probably have yet not heard of is now  on PC! Install this fine mini game that is a “CBS” title to your PC in just a few easy steps!

Here’s the BABYSITTER! See him, on the left, holding the here I am sign.

Ok, so we have more to tell about the new game…

It’s CBS: Escape from the Mall! We basically, run in, get supplies…

… and run back out!

And that’s where you come in!

So anyway, you play and let us know what you think! Is that a cheeto on your lap?

 A simple sidescrolling endless runner game. Attempt to reach the end of the track whilst keeping your dragged cargo within carrying cap by relieving random drags. Build stats, surpass levels, unlock virtual goods and in-game bonuses in the secret shop.